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Comedy is Important


Comedy is important because it has the power to heal people. If they are under pressure, laughter relieves the burden of stress on their body. If they are sick, laughter sends a healing signal to their brain’s control center. If they are in despair, laughter hits the switch to reset their state-of-mind. Laughter is a remedy and an escape.

In tough economic times like these, laughter is the highest gift we can provide to the masses as our part of making the world a better place. Making people laugh is a serious business. To hit the mark in a family-friendly way, we’ve got to take it seriously and make excellence our motto.

"Comedy is important for the soul."

  - Verna Lane for Hollywood Mogul Empire

Aesthetic Everything - New Mobile Network

Our contact at Aesthetic Everything, Vanessa Florez, has just released this amazing video to introduce their brand new mobile network. For those of you who aren't familiar, her network brings together the top end of the Aesthetics Industry with the top end of the entertainment industry. They often host Private Socials in The Hills or Oscar Gifting Suites where folks from both worlds can meet and greet.

Aesthetic Everything Mobile Network from Damion Pohl on Vimeo.

   official website:

Cherry Wolf - New Photo

Fitness Model, Singer, Action Hero, Aspiring Actress
Location: Germany, Spain
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Cherry Wolf - New Photo

Fitness Model, Singer, Action Hero, Aspiring Actress
Location: Germany, Spain
SEE ALL POSTS for Cherry Wolf


Cherry Wolf - New Photo

Fitness Model, Singer, Action Hero, Aspiring Actress
Location: Germany, Spain
SEE ALL POSTS for Cherry Wolf


Verna’s Safe Zone, Reclusive Creativity and the new HQ


Verna lives and works in a “safe zone” that is free of harmful chemicals. In 1999, she developed an extreme sensitivity to everyday chemicals... things like newsprint, perfume*, air fresheners, printed flyers and a long list of other common items. The situation can be life-threatening, but as long as she stays within her “safe zone” she enjoys good health and a high-level of functioning.

It’s not all bad news though... it turns out that there is a positive side effect to her reclusive lifestyle. This setting has helped her reach extraordinary levels of creativity. Verna has become an unstoppable source of film concepts and fictional tales. She is in a rare class of writers who can propagate unlimited themes, one after another.

Her long-time business partner attends meetings on her behalf (he is a comic who can be quite entertaining). In all film projects, Verna selects experienced co-creators who are willing to take the lead in a physical setting. This ensures that each production is properly cared for. Her involvement is prolific, but strictly “behind the scenes”.

Plans are underway to create a headquarters in the Toronto region where Verna can safely interact with industry professionals. In addition to the luxurious business lounge, screening room and editing bay, it will be a fun setting that includes a variety of recreational assets (such as arcade, basketball courts, pro-athlete’s gym, pool house, guest cabins, and more). As soon as the capital funds are in place, this work/play environment will be accessible to business associates.


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* It’s quite ironic that perfume is a threat to Verna’s health now. Back in 1988, she named her daughter Chanèle, based on CHANEL, her favorite design house and fragrance.

CNN Top 10 Heroes Revealed for 2012 [video]

CNN's Anderson Cooper introduces the top 10 CNN Heroes of 2012.
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Stand Up to Bullying with Kate Upton [video]

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Thank you Kate for adding your voice to the campaign against bullying.

On a personal note...

When my daughter was in grade school, I taught her a lesson that she would never forget...
One day, she came home and told me about a kid at school that was being bullied. She made it clear that she did not participate in the bullying. I asked how she found out about the event and she said; "just watching". That's when we discussed the options of how she could have helped. Then I told her that she'd be grounded for a week because of her failure to take action in any way. She was really upset with me and cried "NOT FAIR!" but it changed the person she would become. Today she is a young woman who goes out of her way to help the underdog and she helps people in moments of crisis when everyone else stands around.
I'm so proud of her! ~ VL

For more info, go to


CLOUD ATLAS Extended Trailer w Intro [video]

This movie looks really interesting...

click for IMDb Profile

There were 3 Directors on the project and here's an introduction from them...

Directors trio Tom Tykwer & Lana Wachowski & Andy Wachowski talk 'Cloud Atlas'

Watch the extended movie trailer right here…

ENTV ››› The official trailer for The Watchowskis' "Cloud Atlas" starring Tom Hanks, Halle Berry & Hugo Weaving. The unifying concept between the six separate stories that makes up Cloud Atlas is that each features the same souls, reincarnated throughout the ages (played by the same actors and actresses). We also see Doona Bae (The Host) as a human clone from the future, whose sense of individuality puts her at risk, Hugh Grant reappearing throughout the ages as "incredibly evil" people, including a vicious cannibal and Susan Sarandon as the (eternally unobtainable) object of Broadbent's affections. ‹‹‹ source: ENTV

For the full story read

IMDb Profile for CLOUD ATLAS
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Walter Masterson - Photo Gallery Slideshow

Check out Walter's new photo gallery at


Mad Men Yourself

Verna Lane as a MAD MEN character. Try it for yourself!

THE BIG I AM [video]


I just started working with Nic Auerbach and had the privilege of discovering his first feature film, THE BIG I AM, released back in 2010. Our friends and associates are going to be hearing more about this talented Director. Hence, I wanted to introduce you to his greatness… so that you can see why I was so eager to work with him… ~ Verna
Nic Auerbach’s official website –
It’s impressive to see that his movie directorial debut was bold, complex and darkly cool. It was reminiscent of a Guy Ritchie film (another great filmmaker) but somehow Auerbach managed to give it “a heart” amidst the tough cockney underworld.

Getting the film finished came with a bevy of critical challenges: the leading actress whose hair caught fire in the makeup trailer, the famous actor who refused to show up while the £100,000 a day movie set was waiting,… and the hardest blow to be sure, was the investor who capped out midstream because he was losing his shirt in the market downturn of 2008. Somehow Auerbach overcame all of those obstacles and pulled it off with seamless precision. This guy knows his sh!t ;-)
IMDb profile for THE BIG I AM (2010)
Here are the 2 movie trailers – the official movie trailer – and then the Director’s Cut. If you can get your hands on the actual movie, you will find (as I did) that it DOES live up to the trailer and is worth hunting it down!


KING BEE – Blues Finest [music video]



This is one of my favorite musical performances of all time. STEVEN TYLER and JOE PERRY of AEROSMITH … performing their own version of SLIM HARPO’s “KING BEE”. As a major fan of the BLUES (and AEROSMITH), this song just hit a nerve with it’s rhythm and sexy rebel mood.  ~ VL 

Video below… ENJOY!…

From the DVD “Lightning in a Bottle”. An amazing disc of various legends performing the blues.


Actress, Comedian, Producer, Goodwill Ambassador
Location: New York City

Introducing LAUREN FRANCESCA… she’s cute, clever, sexy and creative. Her YouTube channel is a smash hit and this smarty-pants girl deserves to be noticed on the 5th floor. Movie and TV execs will find gold in this talented young woman if they give her the chance to shine in a bigger forum.

official website | imdb | youtube channel | goodwill | photos
google+ | twitter | tumblr | myspace | facebook

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Contact: send email to and we’ll forward it to Lauren.


Kudos for Premiere of “8” in L.A.

click to watch the play on youtube
Thanks to a live stream on YouTube, last night I watched a play premiering in Los Angeles as it was happening. The star studded cast created a memorable experience. I, for one, was enlightened by the play and will add my voice to the fight for marriage equality.
All of the performers did a wonderful job but it was especially amusing to see Brad Pitt as the judge - he was his usual dapper and mesmerizing self. (What a great casting choice because – even in a room full of stars - he would have been too distracting anywhere else on the stage). John C. Reilly gave a stellar performance (bringing much needed laughs to a serious courtroom setting) and Martin Sheen delivered a brilliant, impassioned portrayal that left me speechless.
Director/Producer, Rob Reiner made seasoned casting choices that really pulled it together. You can read more about the play and its participants in the Daily Reporter: West Coast Premiere of Marriage-Rights Play
American Foundation for Equal Rights – Official Website AFER.orgWatch the Entire Play on YouTube  |  Follow on Twitter  |  Like on Facebook
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