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FISH SPIES – Meet the Characters

Comedy Series
Location: Toronto, New York
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fishspies-promo-20111021b-simpleSpy Comedy based on Real-Life Misadventures and Modified to Protect the Guilty

Created by Verna Lane ©2010-2011
Inspired by Misadventures of Dave Jarritone



DAVE TROUTWORTHY – Owns a small aquarium business that later branches out to include spying. He’s friendly, funny, naive and likeable. Dave makes friends easily but making money is another story. His failed attempts as a businessman make him vulnerable prey to savvy business raiders like Frankie Sardino. Dave’s view of the world is rather “upside down”. He’s a bumbling magnet for chaos but his unique perspective on life somehow leads him to solve mysteries that others can’t.
BUZZ ALBACORE – Long lost bro and one of the fish guys. Light-hearted (though somewhat dramatic) who embellishes just about everything. Buzz loves the ladies and he believes they love him back. His attempts to impress women lead to some tall tales about his alternate life as a “pro ball player” or “expert diamond cutter”. In spite of his fibbing ways, his heart’s in the right place – sticking by Dave’s side through thick and thin.
MITZI MARLINETTA – Manages Dave’s office and tries to keep him on track. Sexy and street-smart, she often poses as the “honey trap” on spy missions. Gets Dave and Buzz out of tight jams and practices her alternate identities on a daily basis. On any given day in the FISH HEADQUARTERS, Mitzi might show up for office duty as a Dutch Maiden, a British Reporter or Italian TV Star.
ZANDER VON PIKE – Eccentric billionaire industrialist becomes Dave’s investor. He’s a stealth predator with a penchant for spying… But Dave’s silliness brings out a surprisingly playful and boyish side to Zander, one that he never even knew he had. Recapturing his lost childhood, Zander indulges in Dave’s folly and a genuine friendship develops.
LOLA MINNOWLA – Smart Manhattan matchmaker and published self-help guru. Kind hearted do-gooder rumored to read minds and talk with animals. Aquarium customer, friend to Dave and worthy adversary for Zander’s spy games.
MARINA VON PIKE – Zander’s youngest daughter, the only positive to come from his trio of ex trophy wives. She’s a brilliant kid with a global conscience. Liberal with HARRY POTTER quotes and natural at nurturing others; she looks out for her dad and teaches him a thing or two about “being human”.


JIMI DORADO – Retired from mixed martial arts fighting and now a full-time bodyguard for the rich and famous. He gets assigned to keep Dave and Buzz alive by tagging along on their spy missions. 
FRANKIE SARDINO – Mob boss and business raider. His love for aquariums inspires him to become a partner in Dave’s business. But it won’t be long before his malicious intent becomes clear to Dave – then the struggle begins to untangle from this investor’s grasp. 
VERONICA TROUTWORTHY – Dave’s daughter; a smart industrious Interior Decorator who watches out for her dad. She’s the product of a passionate activist mother who’d rather roam the world for rebellions than to sit down at a family dinner. Dave adopted Veronica at age 3 (having lost her biological father as a baby) and he’s been the only stable force in her life. In spite of their opposite personalities, the family bond is a strong one. 
FRED SNAPPER – Financial Advisor to Lola Minnowla and soon to be dependable boyfriend of Veronica Troutworthy. He’s a straight arrow and conservative as they come but Dave’s antics amuse him to no end. 
PEARL DANIOSSE – Dave’s attractive older neighbor. Is she saintly puritan or mysterious cougar? How will Dave react when the secret of her hidden life is revealed? 
PHILBERT REED (Butler) – Older British gent. Zander’s butler and essential keeper-of-secrets for 20 years. High level of understanding between them and very few instructions needed. Philbert anticipates his employer’s every need and prepares for all case scenarios with a majestic flow. 
NOREEN DORY (Housekeeper) – Warm-hearted Irish lady devoted to “Mr. Zander” for over 15 years. She adores Zander and believes he can do no wrong. Fusses over him like a doting mother. 
PHIL TROUTWORTHY – Dave’s dad. Retired insurance investigator. Good-natured British war monger and story teller. 
IRENE TROUTWORTHY – Dave’s mom. Sweet and sour, over-protective and paranoid about the world.
UNCLE JOE – Dave’s favorite uncle because they are like two peas in a pod. Confirmed bachelor, sports buff and jokester. Often joins Dave’s family for Sunday dinners.
FINN O'MOLLY – Leisurely owner of O’MOLLY’S PUB where Dave and his pals unwind. Tells fables related to ancient Irish tales and makes common references to “the travellers”. 
OTIS GROUPER – Office landlord and rent monger. Snoops into Dave’s affairs and hits on Mitzi. 
SEQUINDER GOURAMI – Owner of the SOUTH ASIAN LUCKY MART where Dave shops daily because he believes the products from that store are “lucky”. 
MARGARITE DEMOISELLE – Elegant and statuesque model from Geneva. Sometimes “girlfriend” of Zander von Pike but only shows up when Zander needs a date for important events. They don’t appear to have anything in common and he books their dates via “her office”. 
CAPT. WAYNE MACKERELLI – Police Captain frequently entangled in Dave’s spy calamities. 
LT. WILLY PERCHER – Police Lieutenant and sidekick to the Captain. Amused and distracted by Dave’s jokes. 
BARRAC UDAMAN – Mayor of Manhattan and aquarium customer. Forever dodging lunch invitations from Donald Trump. 
KAYLA O'MOLLY – Owner of O’MOLLY’S CAFE where Dave grabs his morning java or delivers lunch upstairs to THE FISH GUYS’ office. 
JACK ST. DRUM – Gentleman friend of Pearl Daniosse. Has old-fashioned manners and a worldly flare. He’s a fount of eccentric tales about his globe-trotting adventures. 
RAP DUO – Dave interacts with these rappers each morning. Makes up his own raps too. 
MAKO – Owner of the tattoo shop. Dave chats him up daily on way to work. 
ALBA PICKERELLA – Russian caviar heiress. Spy target. Spy client. Zander’s intrigue. 
ANGEL SARDINO – Mob wife. Aquarium customer. Loudmouth beauty. 
MARTIN VON PIKE – Zander’s father. He’s a tough as nails gritty Texas oil man who is “old school” all the way. Accepts no excuses from others or himself. 
INGRID VON PIKE – Zander’s mother. Harsh “stand by your man” type who doesn’t believe in coddling children beyond the age of 2. Her philosophy is to send them out into the world and let them get knocked around a bit… that’ll teach them everything they need to know. 
NEIL FRY – Business Manager for Zander von Pike. Organizes Zander’s schedule and advises him on issues that need tending to. He thinks of himself as a highly trained professional but Zander treats him like a secretary. 
VINCE RASBORA – Ex-fiancé of Lola Minnowla. He left to “find himself” in South America but instead found a cure for baldness. When he strolls back into town to meet with pharmaceutical giants, it throws Lola’s world upside down.


THE MINNOWLA SISTERS – Lola’s twin sisters…
RANDI MINNOWLA – Carefree and informal. Shirks conventional lifestyles and jobs. Steals many of sister Lola’s men by default because of her penchant for being nude whenever she gets the urge to “feel free”.
RHONDA MINNOWLA – Twin sister of Randi and a polar opposite in personality. Rhonda is a regimented perfectionist and high achiever who seems to excel at everything. 
BILLIONAIRE ASSOCIATES – Various rich friends of Zander von Pike 
THE STINGRAY BROTHERS – Brother team, self-made billionaires who share a business… 
CHARLES “CHARLIE” STINGRAY – Charming, smooth, ladies’ man. 
ELLIOTT STINGRAY – Socially awkward, inventor type, tech genius. 
BILL GATES – As himself. Zander’s billionaire acquaintance who influences him (or tries) to be more benevolent. 
SAUL GOLDSTEIN – Owner of SHALOM VILLAGE, a retirement community so nice that a lot of people pretend to be Jewish just so they can live there. 
PICASSO – The famous actor who orders an aquarium for his Manhattan painting studio and adopts the new name of “Picasso” with a little help from Dave’s twisted creativity.
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